How would your life change if your partner fully embraced your relationship again?

Can you imagine your partner opening up and sharing their most intimate thoughts with you?

Once you and your partner fall back in love again anything is possible.

You’ll recapture the simple pleasure of knowing your partner is telling you the truth about everything.
Imagine coming to a peaceful loving home where you are welcomed with a hug and a kiss everyday!
Your dreams will come true! Your partner will love you again! Not just love you but commit deeply to you.
Won’t it be nice to reach out and take your best friends hand again? Knowing you’re in this together.
You’ll be able to go to sleep at night in full confidence that your relationship is getting better and better.
Do you remember what it felt like to trust your partner? You can put all of the suspicions behind you and be together in a truly loving and trusting relationship.

You won’t have sex anymore; instead you’ll make wonderful passionate love. It can be better than it ever was.
All of this and more happened for us when we started using the relationship insights we’re going to share with you here!

I know how you feel!

Like I said, I know exactly how you feel! I felt the same way too and then, I found something that worked. Something that turned my relationship around. Something that I want to share with you.

First! Allow me to tell you just a little more of my story.

Hi my names Kristi.   I live in Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow,  and I’m a bikini, lingerie, fashionable,  pleasurable model in Lucknow. I do have experience. About me-> I love fashion! I simply do not look at clothes as something you’d just put on and take off. I look at it like it’s a living thing. I’m a very down to earth person, and easy to get to know. I love anything to do with the outdoors, and my goals, and dreams are my passion. You see! I had to fight my way through infidelity and addiction. It had gotten so bad that even staying together for the children’s sake didn’t make sense. I could hardly look into their eyes anymore. They deserved a happy family. Why couldn’t we pull ourselves together?

How could this have happened to us? Jack and I used to be best friends.

In my desperation, I tried doing all of the usual things !

  • • I tried talking to my husband, but I always ended up attacking him.• I tried yelling and screaming and crying and whining and I even tried ignoring him.• I also tried leaving him a couple of times, only to come right back.• Something I will always regret, I tried to get his attention by turning to another man!

Nothing worked! I started searching for a way to reclaim my marriage. I didn’t know what Jack wanted, but I really wanted things to work out.
It was during this time that I started to read all the self-help books I could get my hands on. I attended a lot of relationship seminars. Nothing I did helped our marriage.

Would I Ever Find Happiness?

One morning, a friend asked me to go with her to a relationship seminar. I thought to myself: “Not another seminar, I’ve heard and tried it all“.

But I told her that I would go and support her. To my surprise, I heard things there that I hadn’t heard from any one else before.
Well, to make a long story short, I applied what I learned that day.
Before I knew it, my husband was making more time for me and the children.

We grew more intimate, in fact more intimate than we’d been in years.
It seemed like it was almost overnight because after only a couple of weeks things started to change.
Since that time, 22 years ago, things have just gotten better and better.I finally found what I’d been looking for – HAPPINESS !
Why wasn’t I ever taught this before? Why hasn’t everybody been taught this?
I couldn’t believe it! Only days away from a divorce and we were able to pull our marriage from the brink of disaster.
Jack and I have been through some very rough times. We’ve weathered many storms together.

We’ve weathered them because of the things we’re going to share with you here.

What was it that I learned ?

I learned that every great relationship hinges on one simple principal. A principal that’s easy to understand but not always easy to apply.

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